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What does Michelle clients say about her?

Michelle has been not only a friend also a wise Financial Consultant who truly recommend good insurance plans for my family. It is not always about insurance when she converse with my wife. I trust her and is comfortable with her. All the best Michelle to your journey to helping others.

Ken & Chanel

Michelle is a professional FC who is dependable and goes beyond our expectations. Thank you for being there for us, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. We love you!

Noraini, Germaine, Wen Jie

Michelle is extremely personable and she genuinely cares about our needs before making recommendations. Working with her gives us a peace of mind and assurance!

Keith & Joy

Michelle genuinely cares for her clients’ needs. She answer our queries promptly and provided us with excellent explanations. She is a very approachable and friendly person, easy to work with. We are indeed very glad to have her as our agent. Thank you Michelle!

Rashid, Alisa & Family

Michelle is not only a Financial Consultant but also a Friend whom have been there since day one. She have been very helpful and is always there no matter day or night. Thank you, Michie-San. Borahae 💜

Hayat & Family

The best FC I I have ever met. She’s super friendly, knowledgeable and always there to help me in times of need. Love you loads!

Nur Rafiqa

Michelle is very nice and professional. Thanks for being the best!

Woei Lin

Michelle is truly a great Financial Consultant who will guide you well. The service is more of family friendly kind of service where she will really cater the right plans for you. Good job Mich!

Anna Jalil

Michelle is a friendly and bubbly consultant who knows her work well.
I feel comfortable and at ease whenever I meet her. Good job to her for all the hard work.

Nur Iriani

Always there for a friend in need. Attentive, meticulous, thoughtful and filled with wisdom!

Jackson & Fiona

Helpful and friendly. Always a joy to be around. Also a professional and shows lots of care towards her clients.

Taufiq & Family

An extremely passionate person that is more of a Friend than a Financial Consultant.

Aiwen & Family

Always there when you need help. Not pushy and attentive 🙂

Madeline & Sam

Michelle have a very friendly personality and she is very knowledgeable on all the plans and will find one that will suit you best.

Faisal & Family

She’s always there for us. Thanks for being the best.

Saifudin, Nurilyani & Family

Michelle have grown with us from 2014 till now. She is an easy going person and we always look forward to meeting her.

Faizul, Hisyam, Hafiz, Sofian, Hazhary & Dina

She is very helpful and thoughtful. Attentive and a Friend indeed.

Ar’bain Quim

Thanks for being there for us when we needed you. Love ya.

Jasmine & Family

Michelle is not just a Financial Consultant, she is a woman who inspires!! She is always there and listens instead of jumping into assumptions about my needs. Such a rare gem!

Cheryl Soh

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