Let’s Talk Ladies! – A Female Wellness Seminar, 28 Nov 2019
Our “Let’s Talk Ladies!” seminar was a resounding success! As we all know, critical Illnesses such as breast, ovarian, cervical cancers are on the rise. This seminar was all about that.

The key lessons learnt today were:
-Critical illnesses can happen to anyone, even the young and healthy!
-Do not procrastinate in your check ups. Early detection is the key!
-Get your personal insurance settled as early as possible! So that your loved ones and yourself don’t need to worry about the costs involved in treatment and after-care.

A big thank you to Dr. Lynette Ngo for gracing our seminar and sharing so much useful information pertaining to critical illnesses. Kudos to Syamilah for being so so brave to share about her breast cancer journey to our very attentive audience.

(Syamilah is Michelle’s client who was diagnosed with Early Stage Breast Cancer at a young age of 29. She shared her experiences as a Cancer patient, and how Michelle has helped her in her darkest times.)

Last but not least… Ladies, all of your lives are spent taking care of everyone else – parents, siblings, spouse, children, employees. Do not forget about yourself as you are equally important.

Start taking care of yourself! 💖


Always here for you,
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