You Deserve a Fuss-free Financial Roadmap

Your financial roadmap is the strategy that will provide for your loved ones, help you realise your dreams and in the event if life decides to spring a surprise, you will be ready for it.

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I have helped over 900 individuals, families and corporations organise, strategise and plug their financial gaps to produce well-rounded financial portfolios.

Find out more about me; my personal story and what motivates me to constantly provide the best for my clients.

Securing financial security for your loved ones

Life is unpredictable.
Create a safety net for you and your loved ones to prepare for life’s uncertainties. Instead of worrying about the present, they can focus on the future.

Make your dollar work harder

Enjoy a fuss-free experience in building and diversifying your portfolio using a wide range of quality funds.
No need to glue your eyes on graphs and enjoy regular updates from us.
Let us do it for you.

Give your child a head-start in life through education

By 2035, the cost of university education in Singapore is expected to reach $130,000.
Find out more here.
Start planning early so that your child will not miss out on getting the education they should.

Take charge of your retirement

You want a comfortable and financially secured lifestyle during your golden years.
Create wealth and a passive income during your retirement.

Leave a lasting legacy

You have worked hard to build up your wealth. Do not leave It to the state to decide who your money should go to.
Plan in advance what should happen to your assets if in the event of your passing, or a mental illness.

Take care of your employees

People are our greatest assets.
A good employee benefits plan can boost work productivity, attract and retain talents as they know their company cares. Explore our competitive packages that includes various fringe benefits for your staff.

Highly Recommended Agent

Michelle is a 100% referral agent – she is highly recommended by her clients to their family and friends.
Rest assured that with her around,
you and your loved ones are well taken care of.


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